Waterproofing and installation in milking parlours


Milking parlours when correctly installed to suit demands should help a smooth continuous and efficient milking process to be carried out. The use of anti-slip tiles, which are safe underfoot meets the intense requirements for cleaning and hygiene. The bonded tiled system must also be highly resistant to chemicals and mechanical stresses.

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Grundieren PRIMING

Special epoxy resin based primer for wet areas and to protect against moisture penetration from the rear

ASODUR-GBM can be used as a universal primer, sealer and mortar resin at residual moisture levels less than 4%

Ausgleichen LEVELLING

When levelling is required a cement replacement system can be used together with a bonding agent

Alternatively a bonded screed together with a bonding slurry can be installed


The waterproofing is carried out with different colours of the chemically resistant polyurethane waterproof membrane ASOFLEX-AKB with ASO-Joint-Tape-2000-S. The last coat is sanded with quartz sand.


Epoxy resin-based, chemical resistant thin-bed mortar


Epoxy resin-based, chemical resistant grout

Chemical resistant fine grain epoxy grout, two component and solvent free

Polyurethane sealant for heavy duty movement joints