Installation of cotto


Cotto is an elaborate production process from fired clay material with a quite particular charm. Particular care and practical knowledge is needed to install. Installation on damp screeds can quickly lead to effloresence. In order to keep drying times short, a thin or medium bed adhesive with rapid crystalline water binding technology should be used. Before grouting, it is recommended to impregnate the dry tiles in order to ease the wash-off process during grouting. Once hardened the tiles must be carefully acid washed. This is still necessary with a cleanly washed surface to remove the tiles own lime. The tiled finish must then thoroughly dry out before the final treatment with cotto wax or oil is applied.

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Grundieren PRIMING

Solvent free universal primer, water and alkali resistant

Ausgleichen LEVELLING

Self-levelling, cement-based smoothing compound from 2 – 30 mm

Levelling compound up to 30 mm


Rapid hardening, highly slump resistant flexible adhesive for interior and exterior use

Flexible natural stone adhesive


Rapid hardening flexible grout, 3 – 20 mm joint width

Cleaner for removal of cement or lime contamination

Silicone sealant, neutral curing, free from plasticizers