Balconies and terraces – sheet waterproof membranes

Balkone bahnen

Waterproofing and installation in exposure class B0

The selection of a suitable system is very important for the sound installation of stone and ceramic on balconies and terraces. Due to different expansion of the materials used, stresses occur in the build-up of the layers, due to the temperature changes experienced. These must be permanently compensated for so that there is no break within the build-up of the layers. Furthermore, dependent on the temperature exposure, the length of edges in the tiled bays should be restricted from 2 – 5 m. The aspect ratio of the tiled bays should be as squat as possible from up to 1:2.

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Grundieren PRIMING

Solvent free universal primer, water and alkali resistant

Ausgleichen LEVELLING

Non-sag, cement-based, rapid hardening, polymer modified, low shrinkage and creamy smoothing compound, 2 – 50 mm

Water repellent, rapid hardening screed mortar with high strength


Waterproofing and de-coupling membrane

Waterproof tape for bridging bay edge joints and connections


Hydrophobic thin-bed adhesive


Cement-based, water impermeable grout with improved mechanical and chemical resistance for joint widths from 3 – 20 mm

Rapid hardening flexible grout, 3 – 20 mm joint width

Silicone sealant for movement joints