Waterproofing construction joints with injection tubes - White tanks

Key Facts

1 Standard packer

Nail a standard packer to the inner side of the mould at the start and end points (max. 10 m), mount the pressure grouting hose and then fix with a hose clamp.

2 Fixing the pressure grouting hose

Carefully fix the AQUAFIN-CJ1 pressure grouting hose to the packers using hose clamps.

3 Laying the pressure grouting hose

Lay the perforated pressure grouting hose ensuring it will be covered by a minimum of 8 cm of concrete on the water-bearing side and fix to the concrete using plastic clips (6 pieces per m) in order to prevent slipping or floating.

4 Bonding the breather pipe

Liberally apply the enclosed PVC adhesive to the exposed connection opening on the breather pipe.

5 Connecting the pressure grouting hose

Immediately attach the AQUAFIN-CJ1 pressure grouting hose to the thus prepared breather pipe – then wait for the drying time.

6 Completely bond the breather pipe

Pull approx. 6–8 cm of heat shrink sleeving over the connection between breather pipe and pressure grouting hose and heat up the
conenction using hot air until the heat shrink sleeve has pulled tightly over the connection. The breather pipe is not perforated and therefore guarantees the transportation of the injection material in the perforated injection hose.

7 Connect the various hose sections

Feed the ends of the vent pipes into a protective box and furnish with an injection nipple prior to injecting (e.g. with AQUAFIN-P1 or AQUAFIN-P4).