Water repellent accelerated cement

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  • Fibre-reinforced, special hydrophobic cement for the production of water-repellent screeds and mortars.
  • Binder for water permeable single grain or drainage mortars.
  • Screeds and mortars produced with ASO-EZ4 provide additional protection against moisture and frost damage by eliminating capillary water ingress.
  • For interior and exterior use.
  • Foot traffic after 6 hours. For "wet in wet" applications or as a screed which can be tiled after approx. three days. Heated screeds can also be commissioned after approx. 3 days in accordance with recognised technical regulations.
  • The readiness to tile after approx. 3 days can be achieved with a mix ratio of 1:4 parts by weight, the use of dry aggregate to DIN 4226 of a grading between A8 - B8 closer to B8 with consistent particle size, a water addition of 17 litres per 50 kg ASO-EZ4, an ambient and substrate temperature of +23ºC, a relative humidity of 50% and a thickness of 5 cm.
  • For screeds of qualtity class: CT-C50-F6-A9.


Approx. 4 kg/cm screed thickness at a mix ratio of 1:4

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Article-No. Color Packaging size Unit/Pallet
205527-001 grey 25 kg/bag 42


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