Ground-level installation solutions - Double-facade masonry work, without basement

Key Facts

Schomburg bodentiefe elemente 1
1 Wall-base slab connection waterproofing

The first application step is to apply waterproofing with AQUAFIN-RB400 until up to the front side of the concrete base slab.

Schomburg bodentiefe elemente 2
2 Install ASO-Joint-Tape-2000-S

While the first application step with AQUAFIN-RB400 is still wet, ASO-Joint-Tape-2000-S is installed at an angle free of voids. Joint adhesion is always completed with an overlap of 5-10 cm.

Schomburg bodentiefe elemente 3
3 Install wall edge insulation strips

Next, the wall edge insulation strip is installed or fastened in the area of the window soffit using AQUAFIN-RB400.

Schomburg bodentiefe elemente 4
4 Ground-level element assembly

Installation and stabilisation of the ground-level element is completed in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

Schomburg bodentiefe elemente 5
5 Horizontal detail waterproofing

Fasten ASO-Joint-Tape-Sanitary after removing the separating strip by pressing on the installation element and the insulation strip. The joint tape is adhered to the substrate using AQUAFIN-RB400.

Schomburg bodentiefe elemente 6
6 Vertical detail waterproofing

ASO-Joint-Tape-Sanitary is fastened on the installation element as described in step 5. The joint tape is also adhered to the substrate using AQUAFIN-RB400.

Schomburg bodentiefe elemente 7
7 Protection against back floating possibility

In order to avoid back floating possibility, the area of the previously completed joint tape application and the corner of the insulation strip are secured by installing ASO-Joint-Tape-2000-S-Corner. AQUAFIN-RB400 is used for adhesion.

Schomburg bodentiefe elemente 8
8 Installation in waterproofing

After installation of detail waterproofing, joint tape in the area of the base waterproofing is coated in two layers with AQUAFIN-RB400.

Schomburg bodentiefe elemente 9
9 Completed wall structure

After completely drying the base waterproofing, the insulation and facing structure is completed.