Tile, clinker and stone cleaner - concentrate

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  • Solvent free, concentrated clinker and tile cleaner, removes cement film residues.
  • To remove efflorescence and residual lime, cement and mortar.
  • For wall and floor surfaces, interior and exterior use, exposed masonry work (sand/lime blocks, brick, hard-burnt brick, clinker, brick slips, facing brick) concrete areas and ceramic tiles.


Dependent on the degree of contamination and thickness of the crust and mixing ratio: approx. 250 ml/m²; from neat up to 1:10 dilution with water.

Article-No. Color Packaging size Minimum order quantity Unit/Pallet
206400-004 transparent 25 l/canister 24
206400-003 transparent 10 l/canister 60
206400-002 transparent 5 l/canister 140
206400-001 transparent 1 l/bottle x 6/box 1 box 450
206400-005 transparent 1000 l/container 1