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    Grouting can be so simple!

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    New BETOCRETE microsite

  • Waterproofing and Restoration

    Product and system solutions for structural waterproofing and repair

    With time, almost all building materials become damaged by unimpeded moisture influx. So the prevention of moisture penetration in new build and renovation projects is top priority. SCHOMBURG has centuries of experience and offers fully compatible products and high quality solutions.
  • Tile / Natural Stone / Screed installation

    Products and system solutions for the installation of tiles, natural stone and screeds

    For waterproofing the most diverse areas and for fixing tiles, it is important to focus on product systems, which are suitable for every conceivable requirement. At SCHOMBURG you will find all these systems in the form of innovation and the best compatible products.
  • Surface Protection Systems

    Product and system solutions for surface protection

    For years we have successfully placed our development emphasis in the field of surface protection. With our products, we fulfill the relevant specific requirements of the industry.Especially good chemical resistance and low signs of erosion,for example distinguish our industrial floor coatings. We also offer system solutions for additional requirements such as e.g. crack bridging, slip resistance, dissipation of electric current etc.
  • Concrete Technology

    Product and system solutions for the cement using industry

    The world of the concrete industry is multifaceted. The balance between function, form and colour to create requirements, aesthetics and ambience is the goal to which SCHOMBURG is dedicated. Many factors influence this result. Seizing on these thoughts, the most diverse products and solutions are needed in this versatile field. We concentrate our experience in the sphere of competence of concrete technology.

    Protecting the environment and mankind

    Sustainability – not only in restoration but also in environmental protection. This is what the SCHOMBURG group of companies is about. A large number of our products have undergone strict testing. With this we set the benchmark regarding the requirements for sustainable construction and economy. The health and comfort of the user especially belongs here, Above all this is ensured through the use of low emissions products.
  • Problems solved

    Problems solved – SCHOMBURG shapes its competency in solutions with a new brand presence

    New products, new image, new slogan – building products specialist SCHOMBURG starts the 2017 business year with a lot of innovation and a brand new image. The totally new brand presence powerfully embodies the strength of the company with different themes and arrangements.