More content, more performance: AQUAFIN-RB400 with immediate effect in 24 kg packs

Four more kilos in the pack for more efficiency and time savings on the building site: offered with immediate effect by SCHOMBURG for its mineral-based structural waterproofing product AQUAFIN-RB400. This is now available in a new 24 kg pack. The high-quality outer packaging serves as a practical mixing bucket and is supplied with a red lid for the duration of the launch. Particularly practical: the dispersion pack is divisible up to 50%. The installer is free to decide whether they mix 12 or 24 kg of the material on site.

“Within the shortest of time, AQUAFIN-RB400 has emerged as the new benchmark for radon barriers within reactive structural waterproofing membranes. Above all because it is not only very good to apply by hand but also performs exceptionally when sprayed. Therefore, we pursued with determination an appropriate increase in the packaging quantity so that the installer can cover even greater areas with one unit. That saves them time and, of course, money.“, says Rico Ramin, Product Manager for Structural Waterproofing and renovation at the Detmold based manufacturer of system-based construction products.

Rapid construction progress

AQUAFIN-RB400 from SCHOMBURG is an especially rapid reactive binding mineral-based high-build waterproof membrane for structural waterproofing for internal or external areas in contact with the ground. It is for waterproofing building components in contact with the ground where water is under pressure, as a waterproofing measure for building skirts and can be installed as a pressure stable damp proof membrane beneath masonry walls. Even under adverse weather conditions it successfully dries so that the area is ready for over-coating after only three hours. The Material consumption is ca. 1.2 kg per m² and mm thickness. Furthermore, AQUAFIN-RB400 is a certified radon barrier and therefore offers secure protection from this noble gas hazardous to health.