From January, everything stays in the family - in the CRISTALLFUGEN family. We are merging our joint range and will offer all products under the common product brand CRISTALLFUGE in the future. At the same time, the packaging design was modernised. The affiliation to the Schomburg family is recognisable at first glance, and incidentally the products become even more sustainable.

In future, the portfolio will consist of five premium grouts: four one-component cementitious grouts and two epoxy resin grouts. The multifunctional fine joint flexible mortar CRISTALLFUGE-PLUS has been applied and tested for years. The popular ASO-Fugenbunt becomes CRISTALLFUGE, the ASO-Flexfuge to CRISTALLFUGE-FLEX, the HF05-brilliant joint to CRISTALLFUGE-HF. Quality and application remain unchanged at a high level and will be available as of 15th of January 2022.

In the field of epoxy resin grouts, we will make a generation change and, thanks to a new type of technology as well as a completely new formulation, we will introduce two highlight products that once again surpass the very good properties of ASODUR-DESIGN: the two-component grout ASODUR-EKF and the three-component epoxy resin grout CRISTALLFUGE-EPOX . AOSDUR-EKF is used in particular in areas with the highest mechanical and high chemical stress in the industrial sector. We will limit ourselves to the essential colour shades. CRISTALLFUGE-EPOX is synonymous with permanently beautiful joints. It is used both in the high-quality private sector and in the industrial sector, is highly resistant to acid cleaning agents and impresses with its colour brilliance and greater variety of colours. What do both products have in common? The ease of application, which is equal to mineral grouts, as well as the time saving of up to 70%* when washing, because from now on emulsification and washing are done in one step with a hydro sponge board. Both new products have already proven themselves in practical tests.

In the world of tiles, joints hold together what belongs together - and look good at the same time. The products of the CRISTALLFUGE product family reliably protect the tile structure and ensure that high-quality ceramics are aesthetically convincing. No matter whether the walls and floors are created in private premises or used commercially, the CRISTALLFUGE product family provides the right product. Even heavily used surfaces are no problem, specialized grouts even withstand harsh disinfectants and cleaning agents. And Schomburg wouldn't be Schomburg if there wasn't also something for the swimming pool area.

Each grout has its strength, which the installer can easily read from the new packaging and the colour coding. Among the cementitious grouts, the reliable classic is CRISTALLFUGE; it is particularly suitable for laying stoneware tiles. CRISTALLFUGE-PLUS is perfectly suited for more demanding materials such as porcelain stoneware and natural stones that are sensitive to discolouration. CRISTALLFUGE-FLEX and CRISTALLFUGE-HF are particularly suitable for demanding areas such as balconies/terraces, swimming pools and withstand even higher mechanical stresses.

In total, the applicator can choose from up to 16 colours per product from the CRISTALLFUGE product family. From simple white to the expressive colour "nut brown" to various grey shades, there is everything you could wish for in sophisticated wall and floor design. The special highlight: the colours are not only compatible within the CRISTALLFUGE product family, but also matched to the ESCOSIL 2000 silicone range.

The market launch is accompanied by a campaign under the motto: "Joint(ing) can be so easy". In addition to the modern packaging design, a special sample box, a joint display for the sales counter and further information material provide the processor with a clear overview. The application and product properties are clearly explained in a comprehensive infoflip, and a colour palette shows the entire range.

*Compared to conventional reaction resin grouts