Waterproofing and tiling in commercial kitchens and cool rooms

In commercial kitchens and cool rooms with surfaces to be clad in stone or ceramic, there are considerations, dependent on the area, related to exposure to aggressive media such as lactic acid, fatty acids, blood, cleaning materials, etc., for example. The choice of the waterproofing and installation system is geared towards chemical exposure. The corresponding ranges of the applicable load group must be specified by the planner in accordance with the ZDB data sheet or DIN 18534.
The optional use of a conductive strip and conductive lacquer between primer and the waterproofing membrane gives the possibility of a non-destructive test for impermeability of the membrane using a spark coil test to DIN 55670 under high voltage. The time consuming and costly testing of the waterproofing measures via a trial fill of the waterproofed area with water can be dispensed with.

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Cement-based patching mortar, 5 – 40 mm, wall/floor

Water repellent, rapid hardening screed mortar with high strength


Epoxy resin-based barrier primer


Special waterproof tape for heavy duty exposure and highly demanding areas

Trowellable, chemically resistant bonded polyurethane based waterproof membrane


Epoxy resin-based, chemical resistant thin-bed mortar


Chemical resistant fine grain epoxy resin-based grout, 3 component and solvent free

Silicone sealant for movement joints