Long lasting and robust vapour barrier for damp substrates

Key Facts

1 Substrate preparation

Substrates must be load bearing, adequately sound (concrete quality min. C 20/25 and cement:sand screed quality min. CT-C35-F5) as well as free from separating and adhesion inhibiting substances such as e.g. paint residues. Dependent on the condition of the substrate to receive finishes, use suitable preparation methods such as e.g. planing.

2 Cleaning - preparation

Dust particles created during substrate preparation measures are to be thoroughly cleaned using a broom, dampening the substrate surface with mains water improves capillary penetration of material applied later.

3 Material application

The properly mixed 2 component material is applied in portions over the pre-wetted substrate (optically matt damp) using a twin-bladed rubber squeegee and thoroughly worked into the surface using a scrubbing broom.


In order to guarantee an even film of material over the substrate surface, the freshly applied material should be once again back-rolled with a suitable lambs wool roller.


Immediately after the material has been applied, evenly broadcast a suitable quartz sand into the freshly applied primer coat, exclusively only with ASODUR-SG2. ASODUR-SG3 does not need to be broadcast with sand as there is a chemical bond. Once hardened, remove excess loose quartz sand by vacuum.