Waterproofing construction joints with elastomeric swellable water bars - White tanks

Key Facts

1 Bonding with a mounting adhesive

With a hand caulking gun, squeeze out the mounting adhesive AQUAFIN-CA and fully press in the AQUAFIN-CJ6 until the mounting adhesive oozes out the side.

2 Mechanical fixing

Alternatively where there is at least 8 cm concrete cover from the water bearing side, AQUAFIN-CJ6 can be fixed at 4 – 6 points by screw or nail. The swellable water bar must lie flush with the concrete substrate.

3 Butt joints

Waterstop tape joint connections can carried out by butt jointing. With larger wall sections the butt joints are to be secured with a separate waterstop tape overlapped on each side by a minimum of 50 mm.

4 Overlapping joints

As an alternaitive waterstop tape connections can be carried out by overlapping by a min. of 50 mm. The waterstop tapes must lie securely against one another to prevent defects.

5 Corner joints

Corner joints must always be carried out with additional protection.