The SCHOMBURG Group is an international market partner in the production and sales of high-quality building product systems. In order to stay at the forefront of a continuously advancing market we are always investing in research and development of new and current products and product systems. SCHOMBURG GmbH Detmold reaches the German market through a network of distributors specializing in materials for waterproofing and restoration, tile and natural stone setting systems, screeds and floor coatings, as well as products for gardening and landscaping construction and other construction materials. The core competency of SCHOMBURG ICS GmbH focuses on product systems and solutions for roadway and track industrial flooring and surface protection systems, as well as products for concrete production. Products such as concrete pigments, release agents and plasticisers are shipped world wide for the production of concrete, pre-cast concrete elements, concrete blocks, etc. Additionally, SCHOMBURG ICS GmbH works closely with architects, engineers and contractors to provide consultation and support in determining the best suited product solutions. Our international activities are managed by the holding company for non-German entities, AQUAFIN International GmbH. The SCHOMBURG Group is represented worldwide by over 33 distribution and production companies in more than 40 countries.