New smoothing compound – level securely with SOLOCRET-50!

SOLOCRET-50 from SCHOMBURG offers applicators extraordinary product properties. The levelling compound is ready to receive finishes after three hours only. Furthermore the rapid hardening smoothing compound exhibits great non-sag performance. Levelling irregularities can be carried out at thicknesses from 2–50 mm in one application on walls and floors. The smoothing compound is for use internally, externally and also in wet areas. It wins with its low consumption through the use of special lightweight fillers. This provides for a crystalline binding smoothing mortar, which is simple and smooth to work. It has a special ternary binder system, so by the time SOLOCRET-50 is ready to receive finishes, it contains no excess water, which would delay setting and promote shrinkage. Once hardened the smoothing compound demonstrates low shrinkage and dimensional stability. Despite the rapid curing nature, it has a long working life. Application is by trowel or splatter. SOLOCRET-50 can be used on many substrates.