New mineral-based lightweight screed - ASO-EZ-LIGHT-Plus

With ASO-EZ-LIGHT-Plus SCHOMBURG offers a lightweight mineral-based screed with a weight per unit area of only 14 kg/m²/cm thickness. Hereby reducing the weight per unit area of cement-based screed construction by 40%.

When refurbishing static critical backgrounds, a screed construction is necessary which alongside the functional requirements must also satisfy the the requirement for low weight over the area. Conventional screeds with a weight per unit area of >20 kg/m²/cm are therefore frequently eliminated. The reasonable area loading especially in internal areas on wooden joists or in external areas on suspended balconies would be considerably exceeded through their use.

With the incorporation of a specially developed lightweight filler and the consequential low density, ASO-EZ-LIGHT-Plus amounts to a weight for 1m² of screed (45mm thick) of only 63kg. In comparison to a conventional heated screed over an area of 100 m² approx. 2.7 tonnes are saved.

The habitual type of preparation remains for the screed layer. ASO-EZ-LIGHT-Plus is a preblended mortar and needs only mixing with water. Thus enabling a constant screed quality. The especially easy preparation must be emphasised. The screed is effortless to apply and compact. As with all screeds from SCHOMBURG this lightweight screed can be applied by hand or mechanically e.g. with a screed boy.

ASO-EZ-LIGHT-Plus is available in 25 kg bags.