German Federal Minister for Employment, Andrea Nahles is impressed with SCHOMBURG for it's sustainable company culture

SCHOMBURG was amongst the first 100 participants in the INQA-Audits sustainable company culture. For the successful participation in the programme of Initiative, New Quality of Work, the company from Detmold has now received the certificate of completion of the programme from Federal Minister Andrea Nahles
Federal Minister Andrea Nahles:”It is good, when a company starts out together with its employees and prepares a sustainable company culture. The INQA-Audit for sustainable company culture stands for this spirit of togetherness. In the end, only together with its employees can a company successfully master change in the economical and working environment. Then whoever wishes to survive competition, needs motivated professionals – and one only gets those with a modern contemporary company culture.“
At total of 22 companies and regimes from the whole of Germany received the INQA Audit certificate from the German Federal Ministry for Labour and Social Affairs. Participants in the Audit have the possibility to obtain clarity in their organisational and personnel policies. Together with their employees they develop and implement improvements.
The appraisal process began with an anonymous survey of the employees and company management. A project group comprising staff as well as senior management then produced comprehensive development and action plans for the topics of human resources management, equal opportunities, health as well as knowledge and competency. Alexander Weber, (managing partner of SCHOMBURG GmbH & Co. KG) and Lutz Sundhoff, (Human resources manager and person responsible for the INQA-Audit within the company) consistently concluded “The INQA-Audit serves as a basis and is consequently, so to speak, a framework for intelligent and progressive changes. In addition to the INQA recommended focal points, there remains sufficient tolerance for the specific further development of SCHOMBURG. Working on one’s own initiative along with the inclusion of all employees was especially striking. With appropriate implementation, we can be relatively certain that all necessary decisions and actions will result in a successful outcome“. ”One the one hand INQA is for us the consequential continuation of the implementation of our company values and is therefore also a good affirmation that we are on the right path”, added Alexander Weber.
Heike Andreschak, who oversaw the INQA-Audit project, was impressed with the high levels of commitment from the SCHOMBURG employees:”The openness with exposure to the survey results and also the open communication clearly showed all employees what the results would be used for and where the journey was destined. In particular, for a company of this magnitude far reaching changes on the topics of human resources management and clarity of structure was triggered“.
Alexander Weber and Lutz Sundhoff were pleased with the successful participation in the INQA-Audit and emphatically thanked Frau Heike Andreschak for her poised project leadership.
The INQA-Audit, an offer of Initiative New Quality of Work (INQA), is promoted by the German Federal Ministry for Labour and Social Affairs and was developed in close cooperation with the Bertelsmann foundation, the Demographie Netzwerk e.V. (ddn) and the Institute ”Great Place to Work“. As an exclusive Audit, it is supported by Business Associations, Trade Unions, Boards, Confederations, Countries and the Federal Employment Agency.
The Initiative New Quality of Work: Secure future, shaping work.
Attractive working conditions are more than ever the key today for innovative capacity and competitive ability in Germany and form the basis of a successful skilled workforce in business and management. With the Initiative New Quality and Work (INQA), the German Federal Ministry for Labour and Social Affairs supports a platform from which Associations and Institutes in Commerce, Companies, Trade Unions, the Federal Employment Agency, Social Insurance Agencies, Boards and Foundations can campaign for a new, sustainable working culture together with Politics – alongside the topics of human resources management, health, knowledge and competency as well as equal opportunities and diversity. As an independent network, the initiative offers concrete advice and information for businesses and management as well as multi-faceted possibilities for information exchange in numerous – also regional – company networks and industry networks.
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