AQUAFIN Inc. in Elkton, USA extends its production capacity

AQUAFIN Inc. has expanded its production capacity with the installation of a raw material storage silo. The plant will be used to store sand and cement for the production of powder products such as e.g. AQUAFIN-2K/M and AQUAFIN-IC.

Since October 2004 AQUAFIN Inc. has been located in a 5000 m² property that has now been extended after four years around the silos. The production is now fully automated and permits almost five times faster production times and also shorter delivery times and increased storage capacity as the raw materials no longer occupy space in the warehouse. The commissioning of the silo is a significant step to secure future success and to unlock further market potential. In order to be able to accomodate the increasing turnover, further silos are planned in the foreseeable future.