MS hybrid polymer joint sealant

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Product details


  • Elastic.
  • Stable against water under pressure up to a maximum of 1.0 bar (when there is a stable backing).
  • Assured bond to concrete, cement sand screeds, steel, masonry work etc.
  • Impenetrable to liquids when under deformation.
  • High chemical resistance to organic acids.
  • Highly UV resistant.
  • Tested as "Joint sealant for processing plants for effluent slurry, manure slurry, silage effluent".


Example: Joint dimension: Joint width 20 mm x fill depth 17 mm = 1.75 m per 600 ml pack.

Article-No. Color Packaging size Unit/Pallet
206402-001 black 600 ml/bag x 15/box 735


Safety Data Sheet (SDS)
Technical Data Sheet