Liquid screed additive

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  • Liquid additive for producing high-quality, cement-based screeds.
  • A screed produced with ESCODE-P80 is suitable as a floating screed on insulation or an unbonded screed on a separating layer, as a heated screed or in combination with ASOCRET-HB-flex as a bonded screed, which is suitable as a wearing screed or as a substrate beneath tiles, slabs and natural stone.
  • Reduces the w/c ratio and minimizes screed drying times.
  • Plasticising properties allow for a homogenous, well compacted screeding mortar that is easy to strike off.


Approx. 1.5 g/kg cement = 37.5 g/25 kg cement
1 kg (= 0.85 litres) per 200 - 300 litres of water, dependent on the moisture content of the aggregate.

Article-No. Color Packaging size Minimum order quantity Unit/Pallet
202408-006 brown 210 kg/drum 2
202408-003 brown 25 kg/canister 24
202408-002 brown 10 kg/canister 60
202408-001 brown 1 kg/bottle x 6/box 1 box 450


Safety Data Sheet (SDS)
Technical Data Sheet