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Injection hose, complete set for waterproofing of construction joints

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Product details



  • 10 m AQUAFIN-CJ1
  • Every 20 cm ventilation hose, red and white incl. connecting nozzle
  • 1 protective box
  • Injection nipple
  • Hose clamp
  • 2 × 10 cm heat-shrink tubing
  • 2 pc. sealing plugs
  • 1 tube PVC adhesive
  • 60 pc. plastic clips

All parts are pre-assembled.

Areas of Application

  • For waterproofing of construction joints
Article-No. Packaging size Unit/Pallet
207220-001 1 piece



BETOCRETE-C – The crystalline concrete waterproofing system
Waterproofing construction joints: White tub
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