Ask Albert: The SCHOMBURG app for digital project planning for the ideal waterproofing with new details and functions

Since May 2018, Ask Albert, the new digital support for planning the ideal waterproofing, is available as a download in the app store and as a web app. Over 1,000 users already use the app as a helpful tool for planning and consulting on the building site or in the office. To ensure that Albert remains available to you as a skilled consultant, the app is developed continuously, and new details and functions are added.

Ask Albert is the new consulting support, directly on the building site or in the office. Waterproofing is very complex. The app from SCHOMBURG provides logical guidance to plan the ideal waterproofing. No matter whether a new building or a renovation, a bituminous or mineral-based waterproofing slurry is involved, Ask Albert now offers more than 6,000 different solution options for reliably waterproofing the building component.

In addition to expanding the available solutions, a toolbox has been added, which provides the user of the web app helpful functions. A dew point calculator has been integrated as the first tool. After entering the air temperature and the relative humidity in percent, the tool determines the relevant dew point temperature, vapour pressure, and absolute damp values for a successful building project.

Ask Albert applies different input options and queries to create a project-related recommended solution for ideal waterproofing. Descriptive drawings illustrate different detailed solutions for various requirements and offer high-quality analysis of the individually configured project. An intelligent product search also enables a convenient search for specific products or categories. A descriptive consumption calculator helps to determine the ideal quantity of materials for the planned project. Multiple consumptions can be included and planned in during input. At the end of the configuration, a descriptive, clearly laid-out, and helpful result is available, including output of application instructions with graphic display of layering structures and clearly laid-out component lists according to application cases for a precise summary of the requirements. Furthermore,
Ask Albert offers the option to personalise the configured project with individual entries. The output document that is created may then be saved directly in the project list of the app or as a PDF file, as well. Forwarding directly via e-mail is also possible.

The option of planning the ideal waterproofing directly on-site and then transmitting the results immediately afterwards enables Ask Albert to help you save significant time that would otherwise be due during conventional planning. The app also makes consulting directly on-location possible. Solution recommendations and product ranges, as well as all additional product information are accessible directly on your smartphone or tablet, making them available to provide advice. The solution recommendations that are provided offer seamless transparency of the steps to be completed and extensive information regarding the scope of the planned waterproofing procedure.

Upcoming further developments are already being planned. At BAU 2019, we will present an English version of Ask Albert.

Ask Albert is available as a free download in App Store for iOS and Android and as a web app at