Retrospective internal basement waterproofing

Key Facts

1 Waterproofing the walls

Waterproof the exposed, load-bearing wall area with AQUAFIN-1K. Once hardened, apply a second or third coat if necessary of AQUAFIN-1K.

2 Waterproofing the walls (risk of cracking)

On substrates, where there is a risk of cracking, waterproofing is carried out to the exposed, load bearing wall area initially with AQUAFIN-1K. Once hardened, apply two coats of AQUAFIN-RB400 by brush or trowel.

3 Splatterdash coat

Apply a full coverage splatterdash coat of THERMOPAL-SP to the waterproofed substrate, to improve the bond of the subsequently applied restoration plaster.

4 Application of the restoration plaster

Apply a single layer of THERMOPAL-ULTRA up to max. 3 cm. After allowing to stand for an adequate amount of time, the surface can be grid floated or rubbed down.

5 Application of the fine plaster finish

Apply the fine grain mineral-based compound THERMOPAL-FS33 by trowel to the required thickness up to max. 3 mm. Once the surface has dried, rub down with a foam rubber board, felt board or sponge board.