Long lasting garage restoration

Key Facts

1 Levelling out voids

Close large voids with ASOCRET-M30 by trowel to thicknesses from 3 – 30 mm.

2 Edge insulation strips

At the wall/floor transition, place the RD-SK50 edge insulation strip. Bond to the substrate with the self-adhesive membrane. Once fixed, RD-SK50 presses itself against the wall so that stresses or sound bridges are prevented.

3 Evening out surfaces

Mix the self-levelling floor levelling compound SOLOPLAN-30-PLUS with the prescribed water quantity and apply to the primed substrate up to max. 30 mm.

4 Priming the coved fillet

Cut the edge insulation strip RD-SK50 off at the surface transition. Prime the area where a coved fillet is to be constructed, with ASODUR-GBM .

5 Producing the coved fillet

Onto the primer, ASODUR-GBM, produce a coved fillet of side length min. 4 – 6 cm, with ASODUR-EMB whilst the primer is still wet.

6 Sealer application

Evenly roller apply the sealer ASODUR-B351 in a criss-cross manner, ensuring pores are filled in (two application steps).