Biogas plant – Protection against aggressive gases

Key Facts

1 Crack repair

Static or water bearing cracks in concrete are to be professionally sealed (see the chapter on “crack repair“).

2 Evening out surfaces

Apply ASOCRET-BIS-1/6 over the surface in one operation up to a thickness of 6 mm. Apply “wet in wet“ over a slurry bond coat of ASOCRET-KS/HB.

3 Producing the coved fillet

Brush apply ASOCRET-KS/HB. Then whilst this coat is still wet, produce a coved fillet with a minimum side length of 4 cm, by applying ASOCRET-BIS-5/40 “wet in wet“ by steel trowel or pointing trowel along the wall/floor junction.

4 Transition to flange construction

Where there are flanges within the construction, apply the special primer ASODUR-SG2-thix over the flange construction using a short haired fur roller avoiding bubble formation and immediately broadcast with coarse quartz sand. Once adequately hardened further waterproofing measures can be carried out.

5 Primer application

Wall: Firstly evenly apply ASODUR-SG2-thix with a short haired fur roller, followed by thoroughly working into the surface with a priming brush and then backrolling with the fur roller.
Floor: Apply ASODUR-SG2 in sections with a twin-bladed rubber squeegee, thoroughly brush in and back roll.
Blind the wet primer coat with coarse quartz sand in both cases.

6 Protective coating 1st application

Apply ASODUR-V2370 by roller, spray or brush. Wait approx. 16–24 hours between successive coats.

7 Protective coating 2nd application

Apply another coat of ASODUR-V2370 using the same methods.